In today’s “data-to-data” world, breakthroughs occur when different types of information intersect: structured and unstructured; internal to an organization or external. We help to leverage internal information assets, augmented by external information sources, to gain competitive advantage.

We provide consulting, implementation and as-a-service solutions to enhance:

  1. Customer Intelligence
  2. Product Innovation
  3. Operational Innovation and Efficiencies
  4. Risk, Threat and Fraud Detection

The Right Foundation

Organizations are using breakthroughs to move from reacting to redefining the rules of engagement in their industries. They are capitalizing on the insights from Big Data to improve their operations and compete more effectively.

The opportunity presented by Big Data is making your customers expect more, making government bodies expect more transparency, increasing expectations for ever more profitable operations, and enabling organizations that were never on your radar to suddenly become your competition.

We stand out because we don’t stop at the ability to ingest information, manage information, and analyze it. We build repeatable capabilities at the level of functional intelligence and then translate those functional capabilities into Industry Specific Solutions.

We’re more than just techies, or consultants who aren’t truly accountable for delivery. We’re dedicated professionals as passionate about business as we are about technology.

We love challenges. There will always be another problem to solve, another innovation to implement, but we’re not about giving up.

We’re about progress. We’re about bringing together people, business and technology in order to power progress.

We can’t always do it alone, which is why we have a network of partners in place so that progress is always possible.

Progress has no use-by date, so neither does our commitment to do whatever it takes to help you build the firm of the future.


Wallet platform

Orange eMoney Wallet platform is a complete end-to-end payment solution that allows users to make online payments or contactless payments using their smartphone. For banks and financial institutions, it provides for the ad hoc integration of mobile cloud payments into an existing payment infrastructure and is, in-line with standard security and compliance requirements. For users, it provides total shopping convenience by supporting e/m-commerce, in-store payment, P2P, B2C, bill payments, extensible to other payment means beyond cards (SDD, SCT).

Orange provides three major kinds of Wallets:

  • Face-to-face payment wallets, which use near-field communication (NFC), Bluetooth, or other technology to transmit authorization information from the user’s mobile device to the POS electronic payment terminal
  • Cloud based wallets, which store a user’s card data on servers “in the cloud” and allow a customer to pay for services on the internet or with a mobile device
  • Online Banking Enabled Payments (OBEP) which are based on debit or transfer from bank accounts, and are used for e-Commerce and m-Commerce. This type of wallet offering is common for e-SEPA offerings


  • Ideal for banks, MNOs, on-line merchants and stores
  • Convenient, quick, and with a very high level of privacy
  • Limits digital fraud
  • Wide range of offerings covering many use-case