Why trust Orange eMoney Wallet

  • Powered by OrangeTechnology Services Orange eMoney is powered by Orange Technology Services, India’s leading payment solutions provider. Orange Technology Services is a trusted brand and leader in the payment space and has a wide retail network
  • Safe, secure and reliable Safety of Money is our priority. Every transaction done through eMoney Wallet is secured in three layers with a Mobile No., Handset IMEI, OTP Authentication.
  • Bank Grade Technology supported for fraud control We incorporated bank grade technology to safeguard Orange eMoney. eMoney Wallet technology is built using multiple layers of security and is designed with anti-hacking codes. Our website is secured using 128 bit SSL encryption. We use authentication tools to protect your account from any unauthorized access. Thereby you limit chances of any fraud.


Information has become the most valuable asset of any enterprise, apart from its people. The threat to that information has risen in proportion to the value of information. As enterprise IT becomes fully integrated – from the smartphone, through the cloud, to the floor – using information effectively is a product of how well that information is secured.

Mobility in an Always-On World

Sensor data is pouring into corporate data warehouses from machines and mobile devices, while the BYO (bring your own) movement is changing the relationship between IT and users. Applications are more available than ever, delivering business-changing insights directly to those who can use them most.

Big and Fast Data for Business Advantage

Data is a driving force underlying business decisions and processes. Applying leading technologies and analytics to your existing and new data will help you identify new and better ways to serve, produce, optimize and compete. Information overload hasn’t overwhelmed us. It’s creating a new generation of opportunities and advances.

The Cloud-Empowered Enterprise

Competition and changing consumer expectations are forcing organizations to change rapidly and innovate. Addressing these challenges requires an IT operating model that drives innovation and accelerates time to market. Organizations require cloud agility to deliver IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS).ITaaS allows increased market competitiveness, encourages experimentation and speeds application releases.

Next-Gen Apps

Business processes today are driven almost exclusively by applications. Getting applications right, and getting them out first, is an imperative. The margin of error has shrunk to a razor’s edge.

Connected Consumer and the Future of Financial Services

A technological revolution is transforming the financial services industry by empowering consumers to connect with financial institutions and with each other in new ways. This change is driving opportunities around the world, most notably for lower income consumers with limited access to services. Learn about the four major drivers of change.