We Collaborate. We Solve Problem. We Invent.

We bring in the best and brightest to solve problems that for our clients that are too big, too global and too complex to handle in-house. We recognize our client’s custom software development needs and will consistently exceed their expectations, setting us apart from the rest. We focus on developing and maintaining the products and services we offer to build long-term relationships. As our client, our mission is to make your success ours.


  • To provide our clients with the highest level of service at every phase of the client relationship.
  • To stay on the cutting-edge of new technologies and applications, making sure that our technical expertise, experience and level of customer service is unparalleled in the industry.
  • To continue to develop long-term customer relationships while developing and maintaining the products and services that we offer.
  • To ensure that our employees are constantly trained on upcoming technologies while encouraging cross-team learning based on client engagements.
  • To challenge our employees to solve complex problems while ensuring that they remain motivated, mapping their career goals to the career path that we create for them at OrangePay.
  • To be honest and true to all stakeholders extending from our clients, partners, and employees to our vendors.


Innovation equals opportunity.

From strategic planning and business development – advancements in technology thrive on new ideas making all of our lives better. At OrangePay, we recognize the needs of many corporations and entrepreneurs and our in-house Research & Development team addresses those needs. Through our global network of researchers and technologists, OrangePay creates opportunities in all areas of commerce and service improving the way that our clients do business. Our curiosity coupled with a deep dissatisfaction with the status quo comes together in a creative ethos that can redefines the parameters and challenge the norm to solve real-world problems.

We dream. We plan. We build.

Discovery happens daily. From creating total wellness solutions to moving educational opportunities outside of the classroom–the OrangePay Research & Development team is charting the course to improve the quality of life for people around the globe. From New York to New Dehli, the OrangePay Research & Development team draws on inspiration from  experience and an insatiable curiosity charting the course for the technology of tomorrow.

OrangePay R&D Team Assists Clients in:

  • Solving current problems and addressing challenges
  • Preventing new problems
  • Leading the discovery of profitable new opportunities


e-Commerce – According to Gartner, there will be a 144% hike on the overall spending by Indian consumers online. And by 2016, the total transaction value of mobile payments in India will exceed $ 62 billion. Most retailers today, whether B2B or B2C need to have a presence on the web.