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Enhanced Security

Incorporating multiple levels of configurable security, eCollections can be flexibly configured to control the ability of users to access and edit information in a very granular manner. Security can be configured with respect to:

  • The individual services (the specific requests to retrieve, display, process, and post information)
  • Each form or sub-form (screen)
  • The individual fields on each form
  • Reports
  • Automation
  • Letters and Email

Multiple levels of security can be blended and used together. All security resides as information stored in the database. Security profiles based on roles can easily be defined and managed.

Enhanced extensibility/customizability with SDK

The programmable extensibility model allows collections operations to extend and integrate functionality into the core application. Users can create eCollections menu items to launch custom applications developed using the extensibleeCollections framework. A complete SDK is available.

Customizable work views

Companies can now select different application layouts to enable users to access customized screens incorporating different GUI elements in order to best support different work roles and business requirements. Also, now all form elements (field labels) can be renamed. eCollections now supports different layouts that provide more precise support for users engaged in different types of collection activity like debtor-centric layout or account-centric layouts.

Enhanced import/export capability

We are continuing to improve and refine onBoard™, the new import/export tool that we rolled out in 2013. Among many other things, onBoard:

  • Suggests intelligent mapping decisions based on things like column names
  • Remembers past mapping decisions and provides them as options
  • Saves reusable file formats
  • Provides powerful data transformation tools
  • Enables immediate previewing of results
  • Extensive pre-scrubbing of data before it’s imported
  • Improved error handling

Flexible Workflow/Automation engine

A complete workflow engine that enables managers to flexibly configure workflows that completely conform to business requirements.


Infuse the way you do business into the software. Use blocks of automation to drive a block of accounts through the collections process with minimal collector\manager involvement.

Flexible Queues

Coordinate and manage workload through the use of queues. Easily move accounts from queue to queue using the powerful account move feature. Create and modify queue structures at any time. Create custom views of assigned accounts to work as queues (Virtual Queues) using just about any criteria. For example, a collector can create a Virtual Queue that contains only the accounts that have the status of “Payment Plan” and have a payment due on the following day.


Easily post payments and track transaction histories. eCollections includes support for all types of transactions. Set up payments to automatically distribute to principal, interest, escrow, etc. with one click and split a payment between a debtor’s multiple accounts. Load an electronic file of transactions and post payments to multiple accounts in a single step.

Promised Payment Tracking

Set up payment plans and automatically track payments. Includes automatic payment calculation, optional reminders, and flags for missed or late payments.


Easily access custom and canned reports. Assign security to reports so that only certain users can view them. Build ad hoc reports quickly from a returned dataset and bookmark for later use. Export data in multiple formats. Access dashboards for a quick graphical view of collections results. Have Sentinel develop a custom report for you or easily develop your own custom reports.

Integrated Instant Messaging

Chat with any other users of eCollections using our built-in instant messaging feature. Communicate with a collector while viewing the same account to guide them through the steps to complete a task.